Minimum Viable Product Track

Registrations for the Swanari TechSprint 2022 are now closed. You can still register for the Inspiration Community here.

What will you get if selected to participate?

  • Access to a network of experts and influencers
  • Inputs from partners who are looking to co-create and pilot
  • Exclusive access to data that may help in building and validating the solution

What will you get if you win?

  • Opportunity to partner with our Scale up partners (Federal Bank, Svatantra, Bank of Baroda, Axis Bank and Avanti) who will help take the solution to the market
  • Extensive visibility and recognition among peers and potential customers
  • Fast-tracked evaluation for acceleration support by CIIE.CO, based on eligibility. Acceleration includes –
  • Capital up to INR 25 Lakhs

  • Customised Technical Assistance by MSC Consulting

  • Training and Mentoring by industry practitioners and domain experts

  • Investor and Market connects

  • Cloud credits and more